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Welcome, Summer 2021!  

Our commmunities are steadily and safely returning to normal operations and our nonprofit partners are looking for many volunteers to help them as they move forward.  We have opportunities in all areas of social need and equity and the nonprofits are ready to have you vounteer! They're making sure all current COVID protocols are in place and the help has never been more important as they "ramp up" their services.

As our communties continue to thrive, as our families become stronger and our compassion helps to heal, Team Giving looks forward with hope and excitement as we continue our commitment to support and advocate for the nonprofit community.  Thank you for stepping up and helping with your amazing time and talent!

Please see our volunteer calendar for more information on how you can help. Our nonprofits need us more than ever this year!

Thank you for all your support, patience and most important - your generous hearts. You are greatly appreciated!

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Read a note from our Executive Director: Download File

OUR MISSION: Connect Volunteers. Empower Nonprofits. Strengthen Communities.

OUR VISION: Strengthening local communities by leveraging compassion and advocacy into action through volunteerism.

Team Giving is a proud partner of Points of Light and a Certified Service Enterprise.