Team Giving was formed in 2015 to help connect volunteers with nonprofits to empower these organizations and strengthen our community.  Across the world, nonprofits continuously strive to accomplish astounding work with limited resources, leveraging any means available to fulfill their missions. One highly effective and often underutilized resource for nonprofits are volunteers. Nonprofits often struggle to recruit and manage volunteers effectively, and as a result are not able to take full advantage of the services that volunteers in the community are able – and eager – to perform. At the same time, there are many people who want to give their time and talents to our community, but who often struggle to connect with an organization or project that fits their skills and availability, or are lost in the sea of options provided.

Team Giving was created to fill this gap, acting as a conduit to connect volunteers with nonprofits. Through one-time projects and ongoing volunteer commitments, Team Giving allows nonprofits to focus on fulfilling their mission with the support of appropriately matched volunteers.

Our primary goals:

  • Reduce the burden on nonprofits by connecting them with volunteers who have the skills and abilities required to meet their specific programming needs.
  • Provide community members and groups with a simple, meaningful way to give of their time and talents to improve their community through volunteerism.

Team Giving’s hands-on volunteer coordination helps organizations expand services and build capacity in a cost-effective manner. By strategically connecting volunteers with projects they will find fulfilling, Team Giving meets the needs of both the non-profits and the volunteers in a symbiotic relationship, transforming lives and creating lasting impact in the communities we serve.

Learn more about our work by visiting our impact page.