Businesses of any size can implement and improve volunteer programming to make a stronger impact in our community.  When our business and nonprofit sectors partner together, our region is supported in a unique and powerful way that creates opportunity and leverages people power most effectively.  Team Giving would like to help your business make connections to our nonprofit partners, and would love to meet with you to learn about your employee volunteer program goals. 

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Below are some resources regarding business volunteering, explaining how it benefits the corporations providing volunteers, outlining a variety of ways to give back, and much more!  Business volunteer programs give the most back to the business and to our community when their goal is to meet local needs in a flexible way, according to a variety of factors.  Team Giving can help to identify these local needs and match them with your organization's unique goals, skills, and and culture.  Contact us to get started!

Research & Resources

How Corporate Volunteering Programs Benefit Everyone by Andrew Troup
Organizations that develop and implement strategic philanthropic programs that include transformative employee giving and engagement opportunities reap the rewards and return on their investment...the key is to begin by considering the ways in which your employees can more meaningfully give back, share their experiences, inspire their peers and help your organization more clearly articulate and effective impact story.

2016 Employee Engagement Study by Cone Communications
Employees are looking to companies to provide more purposes in the workplace, helping them make a difference at work, in the community, and accross the globe...74% say their job is more fulfilling when they are provided opportunities to make a positive impact at work.

Deloitte Research: The Correlation Between Pro Bono & Skills Based Volunteerism and Leadership Development
Although charities and community organizations run on a not-for-profit basis, they face many of the same organizational issues and require many of the same skills utilized in the private sector to operate effectively.  Over 85% of employees studied who were engaged in volunteering reported improvement in confidence, communication skills, problem solving, motivation, team work, innovation, influencing skills, and presentation skills.