Our Staff

Cynthia Woods, CEO

Cynthia was born and raised in Southern California where her parents met and married. Her mother came to this country as a European refugee from Germany and always instilled in her children the appreciation and importance of giving back to our community. As a young lady Cynthia volunteered alongside her mother for several charities and then later with friends in and around the community.

After graduating from American University in Washington DC with a marketing and graphic design degree, Cynthia moved back to Los Angeles to begin her career that focused mostly in the entertainment industry. Cynthia married Robert in 1995 and in 2003 they moved to northern California with their two wonderful sons who are both currently away at college.  As a family, they love hiking, skiing and river rafting.

Cynthia gained 10 years of experience in the nonprofit sector while working for The Boys & Girls Club of Placer County. Her work spanned across all areas of professional development including marketing, social media, data management, development and finance. Cofounding Team Giving in 2015 with Trudy Harris was an exceptional opportunity and one she is very grateful for every day as the journey continues. At Team Giving Cynthia is responsible for overseeing program development, marketing, finance and grant writing. Through our work here at Team Giving we are very fortunate to be able to touch so many lives while supporting nonprofits in need from all over the Greater Sacramento Region.

Trudy Harris, CCO

Trudy has over 25 years experience in the nonprofit community and with her background in Community relations in the business world, she has always been involved in philanthropy and community service. She has assisted on committees and advisory boards for a variety of projects, including Interfaith activities, disaster relief, family support projects and nonprofit events.

As the Development Manager for local Boys & Girls Club, she saw the great need to help connect local nonprofits with the volunteer community to get needed projects completed. In 2015, she cofounded Team Giving with Cynthia to provide this vital reseouce to the community.

Trudy enjoys public speaking and has presented for Team Giving at local association luncheons, Sacramento State University, the AFP certification program and was a panelist at the 2017 “What if?” Conference. Team Giving is honored to have been invited as a guest presenter for the Points of Light Service Unites Conference 2018 in Atlanta.

She lives in Carmichael wih her husband of 37 years and enjoys her two daughters and three granddaughters. She loves to garden and cook and has a real live bucket list she avidly is working to complete.

Michelle Doupe, Program Coordinator

The youngest child to three older brothers, Michelle grew up in a rural Northern California town where "everybody knows everybody," with a love for the outdoors, close community, and an understanding that a life freely lived in service to others is a life well lived.  Michelle received her undergraduate degree in Sociology from the University of California, Merced in 2015, during the pursuit of which she was an active volunteer in the city of Merced and participated in a Human Rights program abroad in Costa Rica. Immediately upon graduation, she began working in the nonprofit sector with homeless and in-crisis populations in Santa Barbara County, where her role coordinated care between multiple nonprofit agencies.  It was during this time that she developed a passion for efficiency and professional development in the nonprofit world, as she saw many organizations struggling to do the great work they were looking to do and desired to find a solution.  Since beginning her work at Team Giving in early 2017, she has been greatly encouraged by the collaboration in our region and proud to take part in supporting nonprofit organizations through the work of passionate community members and groups.  Michelle lives in Roseville with her husband Patrick and their brand-new baby girl born in April of 2018.  As a family they are guided by their Christian faith, with a desire to share the love of God with those around them in all that they do; their favorite activities include playing strategy board games, cooking and consuming breakfast foods with friends, and spending time outdoors.

Heather Davis, Program Assistant

Born and raised in Roseville, Heather learned from a young age her passion came from being able to help others in any way she was able, with a positive attitude and a bright smile.  When she is not busy with work or her two children, Gavin and Aliyana, you can find Heather taking time to enjoy the simple things in life, serving in her community, her church, or counting down the days until the Steelers begin their football season.  Her educational background includes a focus on mental health and substance abuse treatment, for which she has a particular passion for.  Heather joined Team Giving in early 2018 and believes that small acts, when multiplied by many people, can transform the world.

Our Board

Moreen Lane, Board President

Ms. Lane is a seasoned multi-sector policy specialist.  In her experience serving national, state, and local organizations, she has effectively built models that balance priorities and agendas from all of her key constituents.  Her passion is achieving outcomes that drive social equity and contributing to the development of a workforce that supports California's state & regional economic goals.  Most recently, Ms. Lane was the California State Deputy Diector for ReadyNation, a national business leader organization working to strengthen business through better policies for children and youth.  Ms. Lane has served on the boards of the YMCA, Community Services Planning Council, Family Services Agency, and was a loaned executive for the United Way Capitol Campaign.  She is a member of the Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber and an alumni of the Chamber's Leadership Sacramento program.

Michael Holy, Board Vice President

Michael is a graduate of UCSB and Duke University School of Law.  He obtained his license to practice in California in 2001, where he initially worked in the Bay Area.  After the 9/11 attacks, he worked to obtain a commision in the US Army, where he eventually joined the Judge Advocate General's Corp.  He served with the 40th Combat Aviation Brigade in Iraq during the war, and also served shorter tours in Italy, Korea, and Guatemala.  In 2013, Micahel transferred to the Army Reserve and moved to Sacramento to establish a private practice.  In November of 2014 Michael married his wife Melinda, with whom he has 2 children. Michael's practice is based out of Curtis Park south of Midtown, and specializes in estate planning for business and family.  He is an active member of BNI and the Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce.

Jordan Powell, Board Treasurer

Jordan is a graduate of the University of North Carolina, with degrees in Broadcast Journalism and International Politics.  Most recently, he managed the volunteer program for the American River Parkway Foundation, coordinating programs for over 6,000 volunteers on an annual basis.  Jordan is a graduate of the Nehemia Emerging Leaders Program, a Sacramento-based leadership development fellowship with a focus on civic engagement and responsibility and regional development.  He is passionate about political and social movements, youth development, and peaceful conflict resolution.  In his spare time, Jordan enjoys reading, hiking, and pretending to be a music and film critic.

Lois Bonfert, Board Secretary

Lois grew up in Southern California with a simple, loving upbringing.  She lives her life with the understanding that life and success are not measured by possessions, and was raised to appreciate the little things in life and welcome opportunities to help others.  Even as a child, she was often serving the elderly through violin playing and assisting with youth camps.   After a robust work history and raising her daughter Jennifer, Lois returned to her education to receive her BS in Business from Peperdine University as the first member of her family to graduate college, and received her MBA in Finance and Global Business in 2012.  Now retired, Lois is an active volunteer living in Auburn with her husband, Art.  She loves to travel, to spend time with her granddaughter Piper, to spend time in her garden, and to support nonprofits in our community.

Samantha Beck, Board Member

Samantha grew up with a love for volunteering and community engagement, active through her church and alongside her father with the organization he managed, Convoy of Hope.  Throughout high school and her college career at William Jessup University, she often gave her time to homeless outreach, including leading teams of her peers on projects.  She has served internationally in Fiji and Nicaragua at children's feeding centers and interviewing officials to learn of current social and economic challenges.  Samantha is currently on staff with the Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber, and a member of the Exchange Club.  She also sits on the SacPAC Committee as a representative to create and manage community events to partner public agencies with local, small businesses.  Samantha is often found spending time with friends, family, and traveling as often as she can.

Annie Hodges, Board Member

Annie Hodges is a 6th generation California Native, received her Bachelor's Degree in Interpersonal and Organization Communications from Azusa Pacific University, and loves living in Northern California with her husband Jeff and their new daughter Gwen.  She has worked in community-facing roles for the past six years, and participated as a volunteer throughout her entire life.  Currently employed by The Greater Folsom Partnership, Annie's primary role is to engage the business community as a resource and provide them with quality connections that will help meet their business needs.  Annie understands the power of positive relationships and the support of the community behind any organization; she has a passion for connecting to people on a personal level and finding ways to utilize her strengths to deepen relationships and meet their needs.